Eko Jurty are us…

…and our story. The love for the Earth and for all what’s natural connected us. Together we’ve found our place; lea at the center of a forest, stream, and a field on which we instantly imagined our home and apple orchard with branches bending by the amount of apples. But before we could make our dreams of farm happen, firstly we needed a shelter, a place for us to comfortable rest and to gain strength for a future job. But we quite didn’t liked an idea of a sleepover under the night autumn’s sky. The answer was a yurt!

10 years of experience
100+ completed projects

We are a manufacturer of the modern yurt

Eko Jurty are not only family&friends company (we invited our friend to work with us – a partner and a technical idea of our team), this is also an answer for a need of working with synergy, passion and mutual understanding. Unlike our previous experience of working in a big corporations – now in a spirit of a slow business caring about what’s natural. That’s why we cheer so much for our customers, who want to use a yurt’s space not only for relaxation but also for a business. We keep our fingers crossed, wishing us a mutual successful cooperation!


Times, when human are becoming more and more distant from the nature, every little while spent in it is an extraordinary and unique experience. That’s why the yurt is an ideal connection between civilized world and nature. For decades, yurts has been gaining huge popularity in northern America and western Europe. Also in Poland, that environmental idea gains bigger and bigger circle of enthusiasts. Our company has grown in slow business idea, that’s why we’ve dedicated a lot of time, attention and effort to this project. Yurt is one of the most environment and nature friendly solution that simply and non-evasively allows to create a safe and comfortable place on earth.


We invited our friends of architects and engineers to join our team, because they are fascinated with natural building technique just the way we are. Together we create projects based on modern,  innovative solutions with the respect and spirit of traditional Mongolian Ger. We built with such quality and use such materials to make our yurts that they can easily compete with western class yurts. Eko Jurty are natural, has a great quality and you can get it for a fair price.

We are people just like you. A group of enthusiasts that focused their passion and career experience on making own and people’s dreams come true. We very appreciate good relations and friendly environment at work. We know that happy and satisfied customer is the best advertising of our yurts. That’s why we want to let your spirit of excitement spread onto your friends. Besides our reliable consulting on how to choose the right yurt and configuration for you, you will receive full support from us with later construction works. It is a simple and easy process which last usually no longer than one day. You can do it on your own (using specific, easy to understand instructions) or hire our professional team to do it for you.


Our company was built upon a slow business idea, and we still follow this path, a path of time, attention and dedication to what we do, believing it’s a most proper and beneficial way. We stand for quality over quantity in our daily working process. We create perfect working spaces, playgrounds, and places to relax in a simple and non-invasive way.