One of the biggest advantages of the yurts is their versatility. All over the world yurts are used in very different ways, and they complete their tasks with an ease. Below we present examples and inspirations for our yurts.

Summer house

Eko Jurty can be a perfect alternative for a traditional summer house. It’s magical spirit, friendly space and functional interior are the guarantee of total relaxation without concern. It’s also a cheaper and more practical solution which can be brought to live in just one day.


A lot of freelancers are using yurts as a working space. It’s also a creative way for arranging a friendly and modern office for your business. Also you can quickly rearrange and move it to almost any place you want. Just start thinking outside the box – there are limitless options.


Yurts can be an interesting solution for restaurants that have no guest in a garden during the winter. By placing seats inside you can create a special, warm place that your guest will love.


A lot of western camping decided to create an exclusive yurt infrastructure. It can be as good as the best hotels in the world. It’s only your decision what will be the finishing elements. Building an all season yurt camping it’s a wonderful idea of business that can be developed systematically.


Magical harmony of the yurt’s space is a perfect place for a private experience and meditation. You can easily feel the positive energy and internal peace inside a perfect circle geometry place. It’s a brilliant solution to organize all kind of workshops there. Different sizes of our Eko Jurty gives you many different options to arrange it as you want.


The yurt can be easily converted into luxurious spa or become a swimming pool. Oriental spirit favors the beauty and relax. The yurt can be heated in different ways so it is comfortable during the winter.

All season home

Eko Jurty can become an all season home for you. A lot of people decided to do it without lowering their standard of living. By implementing proper eco solutions you can create a wonderful space that is quite original but won’t let you down in term of a comfort. Thousand all over the world have experienced that.