FAQ - most common questions

How durable is our yurt?

All our yurts are designed by architect and construction engineer to assure highest quality and safety of use. Our systems provide one of the toughest construction (of that type) in the world. Unique design od center ring , without center pillars and other reinforcements allows to build yurt in every conditions. With our yurts You can sleep calmly.

Do I need a permission to build?
Recently the law has changed, and instead of 25m2 now you will be able to build 35m2 yurt only by application. In our offer we have all the required construction plans needed for building a larger yurt in order to obtain a permission to build. For more specific information please contact us.
Why the yurt needs to be mounted on a platform?
Współczesne jurty, które są budowane w klimacie bardziej wilgotnym niż choćby mongolski wymagają ustawienia na platformie. To pozwala zachować integralność strukturalną oraz chroni całą konstrukcje przed nadmiernym kontaktem z wodą. Ustawienie jurty bezpośrednio na ziemi powoduje, że w bardzo krótkim czasie jurta zacznie po prostu gnić. Platforma może być izolowana, co zapewni dodatkowy komfort w chłodne dni. W naszej ofercie dostępne są plany konstrukcyjne, wg których można zbudować platformę samodzielnie lub zlecając to miejscowej ekipie. Zespół Ekojurt również może zbudować dla Państwa platformę w kilku dostępnych wariantach.
Why we use Dickson Sunbrella acrylic canvas?
Canvas used to produce our yurts is a compromise between natural materials, 100% cotton (cotton does not work in our moist climate – canvas rotting and loosing their waterproof properties), and toxic materials like PCV, toxic to man and enviroment. Acrylic canvas are eco – certified also having great popularity among best yurt producers in the world.
Will you assembly a yurt for me how much time does it takes?
Our team will deliver and assemble a yurt. price is fixed individually. Duration of assembly is determined by it`s size and configuration. When the platform is ready it usually takes 1-2 days.
How I can heat the yurt?

Choosing the right source of heat for yurt is essential to enjoy Your yurt all year round. That`s why our company is consuelling in choice of the best configuration, to assure warmthn your yurt. We cooperate with several producers of wood stoves, electric and gas fired heaters. We design whole system from type, best placement for source of heat to it`s installation.

How to keep yurt cool in sunny hot days?
Openable roof sunlight and additional windows, are excellent opportunity for ventilation furthermore sheeps wool is also great warmth regulator.
What about an electrical wireing, or can yurt be mounted on a off grid site?
Wireing could be easilly transferred and plugged to yurt. Living off grid in a yurt is very popular in Canada, USA,Europe. Lot without pipe or electric connection still could be used for living in a yurt, simply using compost or dry – waterless toilet systems, solar panels,wood or gas fired stoves. If You`re looking for inspiration,please write us.