Why Eko Jurty?

Built based on a secret circle geometry, our yurt has the most natural shapes existing in nature. For that reason being inside can make you feel safely and surrounded by only positive and healthy energy. Symmetric and round skeleton of the yurt gives the construction a great durability to withstand very harsh weather conditions.

Tradition and modernity

As a first company in Poland we practice a solution that allows to built a yurt without using center supporting pillars inside yurt. Our system ensures excellent construction durability simultaneously guarantees open yurt space.

The best, ecological raw materials

We use the best waterproof and ecological materials characterized by excellent thermal insulation parameters, with a great focus on natural materials like wood, canvas, wool and oils.

Precise in all the detail

We have our best team of architects and engineers working on projects for you. Every element and system used in Eko Jurty has been carefully measured and tested. We only use systemic solutions which guarantee repeatability of the process and a great reliability.

Wooden doors and windows

As one of the few companies, we mount specially designed wooden doors and windows in our constructions. Using this solution gives an astonishing aesthetics to the yurt and highly increase it’s lightning level.

Modern ventilation solutions

We stand not only for the beauty of our yurts. We also want to guarantee you a beautiful life inside. This is the reason why we care so much about thermal and ventilation solutions – for example choosing the most suitable materials or specially designed openable dome – a skylight window at the peak of the yurt.

System of connecting several yurts

Eko Jurty can be easily connected and extended. In one of them you can arrange a bedroom, and in the next one kitchen and a covered swimming pool. Only thing that can limit you from ideas is your imagination. All the configurations can be adapted to your budget.

Our customers can browse from variety of yurt configurations, for example: size, finishing elements such as wooden or tile floor , sheep wool insulation, rocket mass heater etc. Our team is willing to help you choose the best option for you.

Construction on a platform

In order to maintain a construction integrality, before placing out yurt we first build a special platform which not only gives the superb insulation but also guarantees the great stability and strength of the yurt.

Complete protection against rain, cold, and wind

We use only the highest quality, made exclusively for us, external cloth covered with several layers of a special coating. This material ensures that the construction stays thermal comfort and waterproof.


Eko Jurty had been designed to ensure safety even in the most harsh weather conditions. Each yurt is individually adjusted to the conditions appearing in the particular terrain.